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Ages 12 and up * BYOB must be  21

Our classes are focused on you getting to enjoy yourself and having fun!


From the moment you step into the craft studio, you will be directed to your work station(s) where you will find every tool, every piece of wood, and every flake of glitter you may need to create the craft of the evening. More importantly than all of that, you'll find your patiently awaiting wine glass! Our classes our laid back  and easy!  No crafting experience needed. Our instructors  will take you  step by step to create your original work of art.  Depending on the craft being made, there may be light sanding, stapling, gluing, painting, nailing and lots and lots of FUN!


Length of Adult class: 2 -2.5 hours depending on that evening's craft

Price of Adult class: Varied from $45 - $75, depending on the craft to be created that evening.


Ages 17 and under (parents must be present with childen 5 or under during the class)

Our goal during our Kids classes is to harness your child's energy and creativity to create true "one-of-a-kind" pieces that only your child could come up with. CWL will supply all materials and supplies used to make the featured craft for each class.  CWL instructors will help kids create a memorable craft to display or gift! Now Parents, here at Crafts with Laughs we want everyone to enjoy a crafting class; however, we ask that you use your discretion when booking a public group class with your little one.  If you feel your Toddler/preschool  (3, 4, or 5-year-old) child still has a bit of the "Terrible Toddler Tantrums" and may be disruptive during the class, perhaps a home party or private party would be a better option at this time. We also ask, please, let us know if registering children under the age of 6 for any classes. We want to be sure to have an appropriate craft on hand.     

Length of Kids class: 2.5 hours

Price of Kids class: $30 per child (attending parents do not have to pay for a reservation)



Crafts with laughs uses  recycled wood from pallets or reclaimed projects, as well as raw lumber form the local lumber yard.    We take the time to clean, sanitize and sand each finished board so that you can just come in and create.  Our classes are set up so that you create a one of a kind piece or art.  CWL has many stencils, paint colors, add ons to make each craft an original piece of art made by you.  You can either come in with a vision or let one of our creative instructors guide you to making the perfect piece.  We encourage you to reach out to us if there is a specific project you want to make and don't see it on our calendar of classes.   

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